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You normally start at about 6 weeks or 5 weeks. 6 is when morning sickness started for me. My morning sickness ended at at 12 weeks. :)


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Q: When pregnant when do you throw up?
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Is it normal when you Sims throw up several times when they are pregnant?


Do all women throw up when they are pregnant?

No. Many pregnant women do have "morning sickness", but many women have no symptoms.

Does it mean im pregnant when you feel like im going to throw up?

No... :)

Could you not throw up while your pregnant and still be pregnant?

Ofcourse. Not all pregnant women get nausea, just most of them. Brand yourself lucky.

How come when you are pregnant you throw up?

Hormones have spiked which causes nausea some women.

What the women do when she is pregnant?

Missed period ,feel sleepy and you will throw up mostly 4times

Do you have to throw up when you pregnant?

No. Some women are lucky and do not experience a lot of morning sickness.

What can you eat while being pregnant so you wont throw up?

depends on the individual

Is it normal to feel sick but dont throw up when your pregnant?

i think so .. everyones different

Signs of a Sims pregnancy?

well if the sim is pregnant is has to throw up and its gonna get a stomach really quickly

Can a girl get pregnant throw her but?

according to my knowledge......she will get pregnant only if she has uterus in her but.....

Why would someone though up every morning?

Someone would throw up, as in puke every morning if they were pregnant and had morning sickness.