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i think so .. everyones different

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2011-05-23 15:47:03
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Q: Is it normal to feel sick but dont throw up when your pregnant?
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What do you feel like when you are pregnant but dont know you are pregnant.?

The same as you always feel.

Is it normal to throw up constantly but you dont feel sick?

My mum's a doctor and she said it isn't, she also said it depends on the age group.

Does it mean im pregnant when you feel like im going to throw up?

No... :)

Is it normal for pregnant women feel tired all the time?

Yes. Many women feel tired a lot of the time when they are pregnant, especially in the beginning, and it is perfectly normal.

Is it normal to feel really hot when pregnant?

Yes feeling hotter is possible when pregnant.

Is it normal to feel like you are about to throw up without being pregnant?

Frequent nausea may be a symptom of serious medical problems, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

I am 10 weeks pregnant and don't feel pregnant is this normal?

yes it is very normal not to feel pregnant this early. I am 10 weeks and 3 days and the only thing that is different is my breast tenderness, I dont have morning sickness or anything. I sometimes wonder if I am not, but I know I am...its a weird feeling. If this is your first pregnancy especially you may not feel pregnant because you've never been through it before, just wait till you start to show:) probably around 3-4 months you may feel a bit more "pregnant"

If you throw up after you eat does that mean im pregnant?

No. You know that thing in the back of your throat? ( Not tonsil's ). I forgot what it's called, but sometimes, food hits it, and you can't feel it. When your pregnant, you throw up, ( Not because food hits the back of your throat ). You just feel sick when your pregnant. So don't worry when you throw up.

What the women do when she is pregnant?

Missed period ,feel sleepy and you will throw up mostly 4times

Is it normal to feel nauseous with no vomiting if you are pregnant?

No. Just Becasue you are nauseous, does not mean you are pregnant. Sorry.

Why do dogs eat grass and throw-up?

so they could feel better bc they dont feel well

You are 7 weeks pregnant and you dont really feel tired at night Is this normal?

Every pregnancy is somewhat different from not worry that the lack of tiredness will affect your pregnancy.

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