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A pregnancy test should be taken after your first missed period, however there are a few tests which you can take at least 6 days before your missed period.

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Q: When pregnancy test should be taken?
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Should pregnancy test be taken in empty stomach?


When after a missed period should a pregnancy test be taken?

When you miss a period , you should take a pregnancy test at once, because you could very well be pregnant.

When should be the the test for pregnancy through blood test can be taken?

If you are a woman, you may take the pregnancy test at any time. If you are a man, you do not need to take the test; you are not pregnant.

Should I take a blood test for pregnancy testing?

Yes you should take a blood test. It is more accurate & can be taken sooner than a urine test.

If you don't know when your next period is when should a pregnancy test be taken?

by 3 weeks after the last time you had sex a test will be acurate.

Morning after pill plus positive pregnancy test?

The morning after pill or emergency contraception will not effect the outcome of a pregnancy test. If you have taken emergency contraception and have had a positive home pregnancy test you are very likely pregnant and should see a Dr.

How accurate are pregnancy test after 2 weeks of a missed period?

If taken properly you should have accurate results by this time.

What should you do if you are having pregnancy symptoms but you've taken four home pregnancy tests and theyre all negative?

I think you go to the doctor to have a blood test.

If you have missed your period when should you do a pregnancy test?

when should u take a pregnancy test, if you miss a period

How do you know when youre pregnant when your period is irregular?

You would know if you're pregnant by taking a pregnancy test. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after intercourse and doesn't require you to know when your period should have started.

When is the soonest you can take a pregnancy test?

Hello, In my opinion you can perform a urine pregnancy test 3 weeks after sexual intercourse & the test should be accurate. A blood test can be performed as early as 7 days after conception has taken place. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a medical expert.

Does a line going across on a pregnancy test always mean that you are not preagnet?

No. Home pregnancy tests are not 100 percent accurate and reliable. Also you may have taken the test to early and should try again in a few days.