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When you miss a period , you should take a pregnancy test at once, because you could very well be pregnant.

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Q: When after a missed period should a pregnancy test be taken?
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When pregnancy test should be taken?

A pregnancy test should be taken after your first missed period, however there are a few tests which you can take at least 6 days before your missed period.

How accurate are pregnancy test after 2 weeks of a missed period?

If taken properly you should have accurate results by this time.

Missed a period and taken 3 pregnancy tests all negative. What's going on?

If you missed a period and you have taken 3 pregnancy tests that are all negative, you are probably wondering what is going on. Many factors can cause you to have a missed period such as stress, overexertion, certain medication and a change in lifestyle. You may want to make an appointment to see your doctor if you miss another period.

Can you use pregnancy test after you missed 4 months of your period?

If after 4 months of having no period you are either pregnant or have a medical condition that would need to be taken care of immediately. After the first month of a missed period you should have taken a pregnancy test, not waiting until a 4 month mark. Going to see a Ob/Gyn would be a great idea if you havent already made an appointment. Good Luck

Ok I'm on losertin 24 and i missed my period the month i was taken antioba for a uti infection i took two over the counter preg test but they said negative what should i do is this normal?

If you are on Loesterin 24 and you missed your period the month you were taking antibiotics for a UTI infection, you may just be late. If you have taken pregnancy tests and they are negative, you should see a doctor.

U missed your period taken 4 pregnancy tests all positive experienced implantation bleeding 2 days before expected period could you be having a chemical pregnancy or are you more than likely pregnant?

Then you are pregnant.

Do you have to miss your period in order to find out that your pregnant?

No, you don't have to miss your period in order to find out that you're pregnant. A pregnancy test can be taken from two weeks after you've had sex, you don't have to wait for a missed period.