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I think that you should take a pregnancy test when you think you are pregnant, or when you feel something in your tummy.

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Q: When is the correct time to take a pregnancy test?
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When on birth control can you still take a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test any time you like. Birth control does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

When is the best time to take a pregnancy test after pregnancy?

"After pregnancy?"If you know you are pregnant then don't take the test.Lmao -_-

When should be the the test for pregnancy through blood test can be taken?

If you are a woman, you may take the pregnancy test at any time. If you are a man, you do not need to take the test; you are not pregnant.

What time in the morning to take a test?

The best time to take a pregnancy test in the morning is right before you first urinate. This will give you the most accurate results by allowing the pregnancy hormone to accumulate therefore be easier to detect by the test.

How many days should you wait to take a pregnancy test once diarrhea happens?

AnswerNo time limit. Make sure to thoroughly clean front to back so you don't contaminate the urineAnswerYou can take a pregnancy test whilst you have diarrhea. It will not affect the result.

How long does it take to get results from a blood pregnancy test?

Results from a blood pregnancy test typically take 1-2 days to come back, depending on the lab's processing time. This type of test is very accurate and can detect pregnancy earlier than a urine test.

I went to the dr's appointment 4 days ago and pregnancy test came back negative but i am almost 2months late but i am experiencing signs of pregnancy i need help ......?

take another pregnancy test but this time take more than ONE!

If you take a pregnancy test at a Planned Parenthood and it comes out negative what are the chances that its 100 percent correct?

The chances depend on the last time you had sex. Contact the office you visited to understand when and if you need retesting.

How soon can you take a pregnancy test if you are still taking the pill?

you can take one at any time you think you are pregnant.

If you are on the pill and your period was 1 week early and you usually have a 28 day cycle but it is 34 days this cycle until you are due again when can you take a pregnancy test?

You can take a pregnancy test any time you like.

Is it possible to have a positive pregnancy test and a negative pregnancy test on the same day?

Yes. there are many reasons this could happen. 1) your hcg levels are highest in the morning 2) you didn't take the pregnancy test right, 3) the pregnancy test could have malfunctioned. these are just a few reasons. I would wait a couple of days and try again. Take the test first thing in the morning when you wake up, this is the easiest time for the pregnancy test to detect if you are pregnant or not.

After sex and you take a pregnancy test will it mess up the results?

The pregnancy tests the hormones in your urine stream, known as hCG, semen does not affect it. That hormone is produced by your body during pregnancy and is the only thing measured by the test. So no, having sex anytime before taking the pregnancy test will not affect your results or give you a false positive. The only time having sex affects your pregnancy test is when it was weeks ago, unprotected, and fertilized the egg.. making you pregnant.