When does your stomach start to get bigger?

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2011-02-22 13:27:08

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during pregnancy

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2011-02-22 13:27:08
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Q: When does your stomach start to get bigger?
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When do you start noticing your stomach get bigger in pregnancy?


When does your stomach start getting bigger during pregnancy?

12 Weeks

How do you tell if your cat is pregnant?

Their stomach start to get bigger and bigger, and then their nipples are easily visible. They meow a lot if you pick them up or squeeze them.

But how soon can you start noticing you pregnant?

When you dont get ur period & when ur stomach is getting bigger !

When do you start showing when your pregnant?

About 3 months in your stomach will get bigger it will be unmissable on the 5-9th month

When you get muscle does you stomach get bigger but stronger?

no, it doesnt get bigger it gets flatter wen it gets as flat as it can get that's wen the abs start comin in

How can you tell if im pregnaunt?

if your bubs grow,you start throwing up out of the nowhere,your waist gets bigger,your stomach gets bigger,you get dizzy etc.

Does a shark have a bigger stomach than a bony fish of the same size?

No a shark has a bigger stomach

What does it mean if your stomach grows bigger and bigger?

If your stomach grows bigger and bigger this might mean that you are gaining weight. If you are a woman, this could also mean that you are pregnant.

Are your eyes bigger then your stomach?


What do cats do when they are pregnant?

morning sickness is a start. later they get a bigger and harder stomach. their pregnancy usually consists of 9 weeks.

What is the order of development?

first u start of as an egg 2nd u start to get bigger in your mothers stomach an u stay in there for 8 to 9 months then your born>

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