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That's a personal choice, there is no set date to take down your Christmas lights. Some people will remove them on the 25th evening, and some people will leave the lights up year 'round.

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Q: When do you take down Christmas lights?
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My red Christmas lights look tacky is there a way to clean all the red paint off the Christmas lights?

can you take paint off christmas lights

When do you shut off Christmas outside lights?

Whenever you want to. Most take them down after New Year's Day, thank goodness.

Is there any given tradition about when to turn on Christmas lights?

Not sure what you're referring to here ... traditionally, most people turn their Christmas lights on every night from the time they put them up, until the time they take them down. Are you, perhaps, refering to the *last* time you're supposed to turn on your Christmas lights, before taking them down? Because there is a tradition of keeping up holiday decorations until Epiphany, when they are to be taken down until next year.

How to keep Christmas lights from tangling?

Christmas lights are kept from tangling by keeping them in straight and tidy. When hanging up Christmas lights, one must keep them straight and neat. When taking them down, one must be organized and not rush the job.

What are Christmas curtain lights?

Christmas curtain lights are light decorations that drape down in long continuous strands like beads for doorways do. They can be hung indoors or outdoors.

What different types of Christmas lights are there?

Nowadays So many types of Christmas lights are available. Below are some given: 1. Traditional Mini Christmas Lights 2. LED Christmas Lights 3. Musical Christmas Lights 4. C Bulb Style Christmas Lights 5. Battery Powered Christmas Lights 6. Remote Controlled Christmas Lights 7. Candle Christmas Lights 8. Net Style Christmas Lights 9. Solar Powered Christmas Lights 10. Globe Christmas Lights

When do you take down Christmas?

12 days after Christmas

When do people usually take down their Christmas tree?

people take down the christmas tree after new years

basically i dont have halloween lights and they ran out at walmart what do i do?

If you cannot find halloween lights and only have clear Christmas lights, you can make your own! Take your Christmas lights and paint them with orange, black or purple craft paints and let dry.

Do they have Christmas lights in Italy?

Yes, Italy does have Christmas lights.

Are Christmas lights series or parelel?

Christmas lights is series combination

How do vietnamese celebrate christmas?

People often go to Ho Cho Mihn where there is a large Catholic cathedral on Christmas Eve night. The city center is shut down to cars, and people throw confetti, take pictures, and observe the lights.