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It is different for all women, but generally a woman will notice something is up between 6 and 8 weeks.

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Q: When do you feel signs of pregnancy?
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Could your spouse feel pregnancy signs before you knew you were?


What can you feel when you are pregnant?

The first signs of pregnancy are morning sickness.

My breast feel larger but not sore and am experiencing cramping a sign of pregnancy?

These ARE signs of pregnancy, but they are also signs of your period arriving. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

What are the symetums of pregnancy?

Early signs of pregnancy: #1Missed PeriodEarly signs of pregnancy: #2Just "Feeling" PregnantEarly signs of pregnancy: #3Breast TendernessEarly signs of pregnancy: #4FatigueEarly signs of pregnancy: #5Frequent UrinationEarly signs of pregnancy: #6NauseaEarly signs of pregnancy: #7Dizziness and/or FaintingEarly signs of pregnancy: #8Food Cravings, or Aversions to FoodsEarly signs of pregnancy: #9Sensitivity to AromasEarly signs of pregnancy: #10Morning SicknessEarly signs of pregnancy: #11Heartburn and/or ConstipationEarly signs of pregnancy: #12Mood Swings and IrritabilityEarly signs of pregnancy: #13Higher body temperatureEarly signs of pregnancy: #14Low Back PainEarly signs of pregnancy: #15Implantation BleedingEarly signs of pregnancy: #16A Positive Pregnancy TestEarly signs of pregnancy symptoms: #17Bloating and Weight Gain

Can a person have regular bleeding and are having signs of pregnancy can that be pregnancy?

Regular bleeding in general means you are not pregnant - if you feel you are having signs of pregnancy, take a test - that way you'll know for sure.

Could certain smells making you feel sick and things tasting different be signs of pregnancy?

No, giving birth is confirmation of pregnancy. Sensitivity to odors is sometimes a side effect in pregnancy.

You have the implanon in but feel pregnant and you are bleeding a lot?

Signs of pregnancy on the implant are lack of bleeding and positive pregnancy test. Take a pregnancy test.

Why do you feel constantly tired and sometimes feel like vomiting?

Sometimes you feel stressed or overwhelmed OR These may be signs of pregnancy.

When can you expect pregnancy signs?

When can you expect signs of pregnancy

What are signs of pregnancy on the 2 week?

If it is not your first pregnancy you may recognise signs by the way u feel, I'm pregnant with my 4th and knew straight away. Other then that u don't really have any signs until you have missed that first period.

Signs of pregnancy a week after removel of implanon?

Signs of pregnancy are the same in all patients. A missing period and positive pregnancy tests are signs of pregnancy.

Is it normal to feel cramps and have a yeast infection as a sign of pregnancy around the time your menstrual cycle should start?

They are not signs of pregnancy, but you may be pregnant and have them.