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These ARE signs of pregnancy, but they are also signs of your period arriving. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

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Q: My breast feel larger but not sore and am experiencing cramping a sign of pregnancy?
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What is breast pain a symptom of?

Breast pain can be a symptom of puberty, pregnancy, pain, aching and tenderness in the breast, or any weirdness in them. One breast can be larger than the other, it can change to different colors, or the nipple can be flat or inverted.

Why do your breast look larger on some days and normal on other days?

your breasts tend to get larger when you are about to have, having or just had your period this is because the hormones in your body are preparing for pregnancy

If one breast is bigger than another and itches are you pregnant?

Not necessarily. It is common for one breast to be slightly larger than the other. If in doubt, take a pregnancy test, bought from a chemist.

Im 26 and my breasts are getting larger?

This may be pregnancy related, especially if you've missed your period. Perform a pregnancy test to be certain. If the test is negative see your doctor for a breast examination.

Is it normal to have no breast tenderness in my first pregnancy?

Breast tenderness can sometimes be the first sign of pregnancy. With my first pregnancy, I noticed my breasts were very sore and they seemed to be getting larger. Wearing a bra could be painful. So, yes, it could be a sign. However, some women experience this prior to their periods. I never did this prior to my period, so I knew it was s sign of pregnancy.

Can using a breast pump make breast larger?

No and it may damage your breast if you aren't breast feeding. Size is determined by DNA. No cream, pill, food, or drink will make you larger.

Can a doctor prescribe breast enhancement pills for larger breast?

Yes they can

Are there any creams that make your breast larger or firmer?

i have to make my breast tight

Is there something that determines the diameter of a woman's areolas?

The size of areolas is essentially random, however they often get larger during pregnancy and return to their original size after breast feeding ends.

How do you know if your preagnant?

There are several signs and symptoms of pregnancy. -missed period -morning sickness (though it may not be limited to the morning, the nausea can occur at any time of day) -breast changes -tenderness in breasts and nipples -nipple color darkens -veins on breasts are more noticeable/larger -increased cervical mucus discharge -increased fatigue -cramping -constipation and increased flatulence -spotting -heightened sense of smell -increased pimples/acne -cravings As always, if you're experiencing any of these symptoms take a pregnancy test and contact your doctor. If you're concerned about people finding out see if there is a local organization that can help you, such as BirthRight or the local free clinic.

Is it normal to having left breast is slightly larger than right breast?


Can you be 13 and get breast implants?

Yes, you can be any age to get breast implants if you want larger breasts.

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