When can you tell someone you are pregnant?

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When she has cravings for odd things such as dirt, vomits in the morning and even more bitchy then normal.

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Q: When can you tell someone you are pregnant?
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If your twelve and your pregnant what do you do?

You tell someone.

Can cats tell if someone is pregnant?


Can you tell someone is pregnant by looking at their eyes?

No you cannot. It is impossible to tell from a persons eyes that they are pregnant.

What to say when someone ask if your pregnant and your not?

If you want to tell the truth, say, "No, I'm not pregnant."

What did the john tell the king after his trip?

i got someone pregnant

How can I know when someone is pregnant?

In an early pregnancy, there is no way to know if someone is pregnant unless they tell you. As time goes on, they will start showing.

Can a blood test tell you if you are pregnant?

Yes a blood test can tell you you are pregnant. That's why to make sure someone is pregnant the go to the doctors and take a blood test for pregnancy.Yes

How long does it take for someone to tell if they are pregnant?

14 days after intercourse.

Should you tell someone that the babies your if they got you pregnant?

yes they deserve to know

Can sperm check fertility tell if you get someone pregnant?

The sperm test show how many sperms, how fast they move and if they are deformed and that indicates your chances of getting someone pregnant. The test can't show if you actually got someone pregnant if that is what you mean.

Can someone tell you why you are lactating you took a pregnancy test it was neg but your brest are sore and you have the signs you never lactate unless you are pregnant you had your period last month?

can someone tell me why i am lactating and i have took a pregnancy test and it was neg. the only time i do lactate is when i am pregnant can so someone please answer my question.......?

How do you know if a female gerbil is pregnant?

i dont know can someone plz tell me cause ive got a gerbil and i think shes pregnant 8/

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