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7.5 lbs

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Q: When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight how much of this weight is fat?
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When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight approximately how much of this weight is fat?


When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight how much of this is fat?

7.5 lbs

When adult gains extra 10 pounds how much of it is fat?

7 and a half

How much fat in pounds is it if a person gains an extra 10 pounds?

Well, there is no standard procedure to measure how much muscle the person has built, so if we assume all the weight was fat weight, then the person would have gained 10 pounds of fat. Remember: The fact that most weigh like 5-10 pounds more when we go to bed than when we wake up has to do with the weight of the food consumed, not increase in body mass.

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That comes from the adding oxide. 2 Mg + O2 = 2 MgO. Burning is oxidation.

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A newborn blue whale is about 3 tons. It gains 200 pounds per day for the first year.

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You might be talking about the episode Weight Gain 4000in which the character Eric Cartman, starts taking a bodybuilding suppliment which makes him get fat insted of gaining muscles. I don't think he gains 1000 pouds but this is what I think you might mean.

What happens when chlorine gains an extra electron?

It becomes negative

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Sound doesn't have any weight

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In its first several weeks of life, a baby blue whale gains 10 pounds an hour or a little over 200 pounds a day!

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