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Q: When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight approximately how much of this weight is fat?
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When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight how much of this weight is fat?

7.5 lbs

When an adult gains an extra 10 pounds of body weight how much of this is fat?

7.5 lbs

How many grams is an extra large egg?

I dont know, but its probably less than the weight of a small adult

When adult gains extra 10 pounds how much of it is fat?

7 and a half

Drop the Extra Pounds at Weight Loss Camp?

If you feel that you need some extra motivation to lose weight, consider going to a weight loss camp. These camps are geared for children and teenagers who need a bit of help to get rid of those pesky pounds. If you are an adult looking for motivation, you may also want to look in your local gym to see if they offer any type of program that can help people in your current situation. Losing weight is a fantastic way to gain health and vitality, and this is why you should do everything in your power to drop the extra pounds.

How much weight is added to a semi by tire chains?

About 200 pounds for a semi's chains. The extra weight is more than counteracted by extra traction.

What kind of damage can 300lbs extra of weight cause the body?

Having 300 pounds of extra weight can cause serious damage to the body. The organs are working overtime and can eventually shut down and the weight is very hard on the bones and muscles in the body.

Why do woman gain weight when they are pregnant?

Their breasts become filled with milk in order to feed the baby, their blood volume increases to compensate for an extra life being formed, the placenta weighs about 2-4 pounds, the fetus developing adds about an extra 8 pounds, and just an extra additional weight needed for increased calorie consumption as well.

What is the heaviest weight a stair chair lift can uphold?

Heavy-duty stair lifts are built extra strong giving them weight capacities of up to 500 pounds. The regular version holds up to 300 pounds.

How many pounds of pork loin to feed 60 people?

It should be plenty, but always make some extra, just incase

does coronavirus cause weight loss?

Absolutely, was sick with the virus for the entire month of February, lost over 25 pounds and I didn't have many extra pounds to lose to begin with

How heavy do horses get?

During pregnancy horses will only gain up to 100 pounds for the baby and maybe an extra 100 pounds of body weight to their own body condition.