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Q: Whats the best sexual intercourse positions?
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Positions for sexual intercourse?

There are many sexual positions you can have sex in, but the best are when you have the most body contact. For example: Having sex in the scissor position you not only make contact with your private parts, but also with your thighs.

Where is the best place to do Sexual Intercourse?

In the bed! ;)

Best way no to get pregnant?

Don't have sexual intercourse.

What the best sex move to having a baby?

The missionary position is among the best sex positions to get pregnant faster. Though the missionary position is considered the optimal position for pregnancy, you can get pregnant by having sexual intercourse in any position.

Is the 69 the best way to do it?

sexual intercourse is not involved in the 69, but for pleasure its ok...

What is the best positions for a larger women and a smaller man?

There are two positions available that seem to be comfortable for both. 1. Missionary position with the man on top. 2. Doggy style with the woman on her fours and the man entering her from the rear. In both the positions the man is in control and consequently, he can manipulate his and his partners' position to have a pleasurable sexual intercourse for both.

What is the best thing to talk about with a girl you like?

Teeth, positions, and whats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What if your crush likes your best friend but she doesn't like him?

Tell her to grow some balls and then have sexual intercourse with him

Why sexule intercourse need for human?

a human body is one that is embraded by feelings of love,caring and tenderness and it is best expressed through sexual intercourse.......only for the married

What are the best sexual positions if you have a small penis?

If you have a small penis, the best one's are where you get the deepest penetration. Try having the woman on top sitting on you.

What is The best means to avoid being infected by an STD is?

If infected, all bacterial types can be taken care of with antibiotic's, and viral can be helped with antiviral medications. Always wear a condom for sexual intercourse. Do not have intercourse if your infected.

How do you not get horny?

Try to nit think about anything sexual or anything that turns you on. This can be pretty complicated (Don't believe me? try it..) so if possible the best way is to masturbate or have sexual intercourse, to calm your body from sexual tension