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They only made the Winchester 140 Ranger from 1964-1968.

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Q: What year was the Winchester model 140 12 ga semi automatic made?
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Winchester model 280 semi-automatic 22 caliber?

looking for info on Winchester model 280 in a 22 caliber simi-automatic. when made and value of the gun now. Thanks

How much can a Winchester model 140 12 gauge semi automatic be worth?

A Winchester Model 140 12 gauge, semi automatic can be worth up to $150. The exact amount that the Winchester is worth depends on the condition of the gun.

How old is a Winchester model 1400 mk2- 12gauge semi automatic shotgun - Ser N453081?

Your Winchester model 1400 MK2 was made between the years 1969-1972.These were the only years that Winchester stamped there model 1400 with the MK2.

Where can you find the serial number on a Winchester 22 semi automatic model number 190 made in US?

check the barrel and receiver.

How do you unload a Winchester model 1400 semi automatic shotgun?

Best to ask a gunsmith.

What is the value of a Winchester model 180 22 cal semi automatic rifle?

what is the value of a Winchester model 190 semi automatic rifle.The Winchester model 190 rifle is valued between 65-150 dollars for a rifle showing between 60%-90%of its original finish and a good bore.

What is the manfacture date of the Winchester Model 190 22 Semi-Automatic Carbine rifle serial number B1937918?

The Winchester model 190 was made from 1974-1980.I believe that Winchester did not keep records of the model 190 by serial number to the year of production.

What is the range of Winchester 22 Lr model 77 semi automatic?

In excess of 1.5 miles

What is the value of a 12 gauge Winchester Model 59 semi automatic?

50-350 usd

What is the value of a 12 gauge Winchester Model 1400L semi-automatic?

100-300 or so

Can you find information about a Ted Williams Model 300 semi-automatic shotgun from 1983?

This is really a Winchester model 1400.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1400 MK Shotgun semi automatic?

How old and how much in value is a Winchester semi- auto 12 gauge shotgun model 1400 MK II serial number 483251