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looking for info on Winchester model 280 in a 22 caliber simi-automatic. when made and value of the gun now. Thanks

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Q: Winchester model 280 semi-automatic 22 caliber?
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What is the twist on a Winchester model 70 280 rem?


Does Browning offer an A-Bolt center fire rifle with a walnut stock and blued action and barrel in a 280 caliber?

No. I visited the Browning Web site and found that the only caliber they had close to the 280 was the 270. Of the moderate priced rifles a 280 can be obtained from Remington, Thompson Center and you might be able to find one in a Winchester Mod 70 Lightweight.

Where do you find replacement parts for model 280 Winchester 22?

I would go to Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Is a 280 caliber pistol the same as a 28 caliber?

.28 and .280 are the same diameter bullet. I know of no pistols in .280, with the possible exception of some of the single shot pistols that fire rifle cartridges. I know of no cartridge called the .28.

Where can you get a 280 caliber barrel for a Sigarms SHR970?

Contact SIG.

What is a weatherby vangard 280 used worth?

Standard Vanguard is about $400. My references do not show they were made in .280 caliber.

Can you shoot a 280 caliber bullet out of a 270 caliber rifle?

Generally speaking, no. You can only fire the caliber for which the gun is chambered. There are some exceptions, but not many.

Is there a 280 caliber gun?

Yes- a very good deer rifle.

Is the Winchester mystery house real?

Yes it is very real. Right on the corner of Winchester and Hwy. 280 in San Jose, CA.

What is the difference between a 270 and a 280 rifle?

assuming you are talking calibers and not models the difference between a .270 caliber and a .280 caliber rifle is .1 inches in combustion chamber diameter.both cartridges are based on the 30-06 goverment case.The .270 winchester is necked down and accepts a bullet of .277in.diameter.The 280 remington cartridge is also necked down from the 30-06 goverment case and fires a bullet diameter of .284in. The basic differencebetween both cartridges amounts to the bullet diameter difference of .007in.In other words both cartridges are essentially the same.

What company manufactures a rifle in the 280 rem caliber?

Many do, but, not all the time. You will have to call to find out.

Is there a diagnostics plug in on an e class 280 Mercedes1994 model?

is there a diagnostics plug in on an e class 280 mercedes 1994 model please?