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No published sn data.

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Q: What year was lakefield 64b rifle manufactured?
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Did lakefield arms in Canada make model 64b gun?

Quite possible. I own a Model 64B firearm, Mine was manufactured as a"Lakefield 64B" which were made in Lakefield,On manufactured in Canada, Lakefield arms produced various rimfire firearms and was acquired by Savage arms which is why you can go out and buy a brand new 64B firearm under the name "Savage 64B" and as far as I'm aware although savage arms is an American company they still have operations running in Lakefield,Ontario Hope this helps

How much should you sell your lakefield 64b rifle?

25-165 usd

Where in Canada can you buy a magazine for a Lakefield 64b 22 cal rifle?

Try gun shops and gun shows. Also, want ad in papers

How old are lakefield arms 22 64b rifels?

60's or so

Information on Lakefield Arms 64B .22 caliber semi auto?

Made in Canada

How much is a lakefield arms model 64B worth?

As of October 2103 I sold one for $225

What is the value of a lakefield modeld 64b 22 caliber rifel?

$200-$225. i sold one for $225 in October of 2103

What is the best ammunition for a Savage Arms 22 Lakefield 64b?

The only way to find out is to buy as many different brands and bullet weights as you can and shoot the.

How accurate is the Lake field 64B model?

Its an accurate rifle. There nice and cheap and a lot of fun.

Where can you get information on a Cooey Model 64B-22 Cal Winchester?

i have anwsered a bunch of questions on this rifle please do research and read a few

How does the bolt on a Cooey 64B come apart?

It should come apart like any other bolt action rifle pull up and back

What year was a Cooey Model 64B serial Ca60905 made?

what year was model 4b serial number cao86767 made