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I know am not a girl, but my boyfriend is my sex partner.

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Q: What would you call your boyfriend?
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What should you call your boyfriend with a lovely nickname?

well I would call my boyfriend honey or sweety or sexy!

Why would boyfriend call you a snake?

Because you are his snake 🐍

What do you call the person whom you are promised to in a relationship?

i would call it a boyfriend / girlfriend. You two are not yet engaged and are not married. when you have a boyfriend / girlfriend you are supposed to be "promised" to them.

Is it hard to call your boyfriend for the first time?

If he is your boyfriend, you should not be afraid to call him on the phone. It would be hard to call a boy you like for the first time. You might be unsure if he feels the same way about you.

What do You call a man who courts a transgender woman?

You call him a suitor or a boyfriend. If things get serious, you would call him a fiancé and then a husband.

What would you call a guy who leaves 55 voicemails on your cell phone and he is not your boyfriend?

A the cops

What do you call a person who has many boyfriends?

I would call a person with many boyfriend a person with many boyfriends.

What should you call your boyfriend's mum?

I would call her by miss or mrs and use her first name. it works for me.

What can i do if my mom's boyfriend is a jerk?

call the police have her call an abuse hotline in the area

If he doesnt call for three days after he says see you soon should you be worried?

i would be very worried if my boyfriend said he would call me and he did not

Why would your ex boyfriend call you on your birthday when he has a girlfriend?

maybe he wants you back.

How i order for lunch when i m with my boyfriend?

First ask your boyfriend what he would love to eat. Call the waiter/waitress to place the order, tell your boyfriend not to worry about the bill.