What will happen if your period stops?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There are two or three reason why a period will stop. One is that your are pregnant. Another is a physical reason like being sick, under stress, or intense physical training. The final reason is menopause.

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Q: What will happen if your period stops?
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What would happen in the bath when you have your period?

Usually your period stops during a bath unless you are having especially heavy periods.

Is the anything to make your period stop early?

No. It stops when it stops.

If you stops minoxidil 2 percent solution what will happen to regrown hair?

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How is a period during pregnancy different?

During pregnancy, the period stops.

Is it true that ice-cream stops your period?


If you had a regular period your entire life and I'm on birth control but didn't get a period this month and pregnancy test was negative What is wrong?

Unfortunately, birth control stops your period, but sometimes, things go wrong and it PERMANENTLY stops your period. HOWEVER, if it's only been a month, then you have nothing to worry about! Birth control STOPS your period so you don't have to worry!

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When you get your period do you get ot for the rest of your life?

No. It stops eventually.

What does it mean if your period stops flowing?

You could be pregnant

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