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You could be pregnant

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Q: What does it mean if your period stops flowing?
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Is menstruation bad before having your period?

I think it bad because it stops the blood from flowing through your vagina

How does a insulator work?

Different types of insulation work in different ways, but each type blocks one of the three types of heat transfer.Conduction is heat transfer from particle to particle and acts mainly in solids and particularly in metals. This is best prevented by a good insulator, either a good non-metal like plastics or, even better, something with lots of air pockets in it: air is a terrible conductor.Convection acts in all fluids (that means liquids and gases). Essentially, as fluids are heated they expand. The expanded part of the fluid by the heat source rises (heat rises, or more accurately, heated particles expand, become less dense and rise over the more dense ones). Colder particles come in to take their place and are heated too. Eventually the particles cool and drop back down. This creates a circular convection current. The best way to prevent heat loss by convection is to put something in the way, it can't pass through solids, so a roof works nicely. Double glazing works, by the way, because convection doesn't work in very small spaces.Radiation is heat travelling in the form of infra-red light. It can pass through most things, but is better reflected by white or shiny surfaces and better abosrbed by dark or black ones. This is why loft insulation often has a reflective side somewhere in it, it reflects the radiation back into the house. Radiation doesn't have a "medium" as such and can pass through anything, but glass is a dead loss as far as insulation is concerned, which is why we have double and triple glazing, it just reflects that little bit more.

When your period stops after 9 days does that mean you will be ovulating soon?


What does it mean when your period starts and stops within a day?

it means you masterbait to much

Can you shower while on your period?

Yes. The blood stops flowing once you are in water: like taking a shower/bath or swimming in the pool.

Does your period stop bleeding in water?

No because the water wash it away, most people believe this is so, because they have not seen blood. But I'm a master degree doctor. The water never stops moving. Your ministration never stops flowing until your ministration period is over.

What stops urine flowing out of the bladder continuously?

lack of water

What happens when you open a switch in a circuit?

The current to the load stops flowing and the load device stops operating.

What does it mean if your period starts late and stops early?

it means you should see a doctor

What is mean by perennial river?

A perennial river or stream is a watercourse that never stops flowing or runs dry during normal annual rainfall.

What to do if blood stops flowing?

Seek emergency medical help, STAT.

What is the wall that stops the blood from flowing back to the Heat?

cell wall.

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