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Q: What were some dangers escaped slaves faced?
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What were some of the worst dangers and challenges that runaway slaves faced?

death or bad injuries

What were some of the worst dangers and challenges runaway slaves faced?

Hunters and people catching them and being killed.

What were some dangers the runaway slave faced?

they faced being found and killed

What were some of the dangers faced by the Vikings who sought to raid Britain?


Where were slaves taken and how?

It really depends on where the slaves were from. Some slaves were forced to move to a different country by their owner, but some escaped by the underground railroad.

What are some dangers Henry Hudson faced when he went exploring?

ice burgs

What were some of the dangers sailors and explorers faced at sea in the 15th century?


How many people were slaves?

A.millions all down south were slaves. Some were slaves all their life, others escaped or were freed.

What are some slaves that have escaped?

Nightjohn did but he came back to teach reading and writing.

Did slaves change their names if they escaped from slavery?

Some did, like Sojourner Truth

How many slaves escaped trough the underground railroad?

Thousands of slaves, some say 100,000! And Harriet Tubman saved about 300 of them.

Where did escaped slaves find a refuge?

Some in the north. The most safe place for them was in Canada though.