What weapon is stronger than a nuke?

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A tactical nuke is actually the one thats stronger than nuclear bomb nuke well a nuclear factory is not a weapon its stronger than it but its not a weapon

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Q: What weapon is stronger than a nuke?
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What is the most deadliest weapon?


Can a nuke blow up the world?

if by nuke you mean the weapon of destruction, yes, overtime it can.

What is the most powerful weapon in the world?

a nuke

What is the most expensive weapon of mass destruction?


Why should nuke be destroyed?

Because it is not write to use as a weapon

What is stronger a nuke or atom bomb?

atom bomb

How do you make nuclear in doodle god 2?

weapon + plutonian = nuke

What is more stronger a comet explosion or a nuke explosion?

a comet explosion is more stronger and bigger than a nuke explosion and atomic bomb but not a hydrogen if you want something to be mor bigger than a hydrogen explosion call in a asteroid that's bigger than a hydrogen explosion and some meteors. ps I am the maker of the awnsers web site

Which country is stronger Pakistan or Israel?

Pakistan is stronger than israelAnswerNo one is stronger than another so far both are nuclear weapon states with enough nuclear head carriers.

How can you get an easy nuke in mw2?

Just Nuke boost. Its easy and fun. I did this and got a nuke. Its not hard. all u really need is a Tac. Insertion, a silenced weapon, cold blooded, and scavenger(encase the weapon is low on ammo). If you want a legit nuke start to find good camping spots. I suggest using a sub-machine gun silenced. Perks are your choice depending on your playing style.

Which is stronger the Nuke bomb or the Atomic bomb?

They are the same thing using different names.

Can a underground nuke bomb test create an earthquake?

yes it can, it is used as a weapon to create earthquakes by the us.

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