Is a nuke the same as the atom bomb?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, only more powerful

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Q: Is a nuke the same as the atom bomb?
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Is the atom bomb and a nuke the same?

No, an atomic bomb uses fission, but a nuclear or thermonuclear bomb combines fission and nuclear fusion. Therefore, a nuke is more powerful than an atom bomb.

What is stronger a nuke or atom bomb?

atom bomb

Which is stronger the Nuke bomb or the Atomic bomb?

They are the same thing using different names.

Was the nuke in World War 1?

no the atom bomb was used in world war 2 the did not have the technology yet

Can someone create a simple easy2make nuke atom bomb guidance missile etc like the potato gun?


What is the difference of a hrdrogen bomb and nuke?

A simple explanation is a hydrogen bomb is the first smallest form of a nuke.

Is the atom bomb and the atomic bomb the same thing?

Yes, it is!

What is the diffrece from a nuke and a bomb?

its te biggest nuke an thats the thing the nuke hit japan

What does nuke stand for?

Nuke is a slang term for nuclear; as in the atomic bomb.

Is there a diffrience between the atom bomb and the atomic bomb?

No they are the same thing.

What is a nuke on MW2?

A killstreak reward of 25. Its basicly a atom bomb which kills everyone in the current game. gives you lots of points but quite hard to get

What was the nuke name for the h bomb?