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It was not the Europeans that raided the African villages, this was done by other Africans wanting to capture slaves to sell.

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Q: What was it like when Europeans raided the African villages?
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Where did indentured servants and slaves come from?

Indentured servants and slaves came from parts of Africa. The African villages were raided and the people were taken and herded onto ships and taken to Europe and the United States. There, they were sold at auction like cattle.

How did African Cultural change?

Europeans changed African culture in a way that African countries assimilated European ways like wedding ceremonies. The love for foreign good is another influence of Europeans to Africans.

Why Europeans were so frightened of vikings?

because they raided in all of their continents and settled there also destroyed all of their belongings

What is difference between old African village and modern one?

Old African villages were traditionally built using natural materials like mud and thatch, with a focus on community living and shared resources. Modern African villages may have more structured layouts, access to modern amenities like electricity and running water, and incorporate modern building materials like concrete and metal. Additionally, modern African villages may have been influenced by urbanization and globalization, leading to changes in traditional cultural practices and social dynamics.

What was life like for African's under European rules?

Life was generally stable and peaceful under the Europeans.

What do names like gold coast suggest about europeans reviews towards their African colonies?

That the parts they live in are perfect to have ;).

The arrival of the Europeans?

The arrival of the European in the 15th and 16th century led to the slave trade. The Europeans traders were involved in the African kingdoms like Mali and Ghana because of their sophisticated trading networks.

What was the purpose of African American folktale?

African folk tales usually have morals, like aesop's fables. They center around animals and villages. You could probably find some good ones at you local library, if its diverse.

Why was Africa colonized so easily by the Europeans?

Because African leaders were so happy to exchange their prisoners-of-war for cheap English goods like crockery and linen.

What do names like Gold Coast suggest about Europeans' views toward their African colonies?

The europeans were so greedy that they wanted what the africans had. The gold,ivory, and slaves. The Africans were the most richest in gold, and europeans wanted that. The europeans wanted the gold so badly that they were envios and greedy.

Why did the Europeans want African slaves who were farmers?

The slaves who could farm would already know how to care for the crops.

What does African contribute to Jamaica?

Africans were brought to Jamaica to be used as slaves by the Europeans, much like they did in the US. With them they brought their culture, dance and music.