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There are many ways to get more views on your YouTube videos. The first thing you will want to do is use YouTube’s own search tool to see if anyone else has already made a video on the same topic. Your search should contain your keywords, maybe even a few synonyms. Try using a few different search terms to see what kind of videos show up.

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the video with the most views is "charlie bit me" and got about 156+Million views

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Q: What video gotthe mast views on youtube and how many views did it get?
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Do you have to pay for youtube videos?

no! if you are a partner then you get paid for how many views you get on your video!

What is the record views on Youtube?

Getting views on YouTube is difficult especially when you're a beginner. But you can’t get views for free. There are four ways that you can do that: YouTube Partnership, YouTubers Subscribers, YouTubers Comments, YouTube views from the most popular YouTube page. The first two ways need money to buy views, but you don't know how long it will last and how many views you will get. The third way is about getting attention from other YouTubers to your videos, but before you buy YouTube views, make sure you prepare: good description, good title, good content, and so on. The last way is a bit easier, you just need to write a comment on a video that has many views, then someone will answer your comment, and those will be more views to your video.

Do youtube views count if the user watcher is not logged in?

Yes, the views will be count if the user is not even logged in the YouTube account. Because of this reason only many YouTube videos get so many views but for comment and likes you've to sign in to get the authority to do so.

Why is there a question mark next to my views on a youtube video?

there is a 50% chance it is because they are not sure of how many views you may have received

How many total views does nigahiga have on youtube?

When this answer was posted, Ryan Higa's channel had a total of about 1.41 billion video views. He is constantly getting more video views however due to his constant video uploads and his huge fan base.

Where can The Evolution of Dance video be seen?

The Evolution of Dance video can be seen on YouTube. YouTube offers many different versions of The Evolution of Dance for views to watch and enjoy for free.

How many people know how to do Gangnam Style?

About all the people who have watched the video on youtube which is 760,966,450 views.

How many YouTube views has lady gaga had?

As of right now, for LadyGagaVEVO, she has over nine hundred million views...and with her next video she will most definitely surpass a billion views.

What pinky video has the most hits?

Pinky's video "Cut The Check" has the most hits of any of her videos, with 12,838,552 views on Youtube, as of June 10, 2013. The video was uploaded to Youtube on May 2, 2011, so it has collected this many views in just over two years.

What is the least veiwed video on youtube?

Only relevant views make a video popular. A video on a subject that few people are interested in is unlikely to gain views. So the more views your video gets, the more people are interested in it. There are many ways of making a video on YouTube get a lot of views. The most popular and effective techniques are: Posting videos on Facebook, tweeting and posting the videos on forums. Also, you can write an article explaining why your video is extremely interesting. Post that on social websites, too. Once you have written that article, you will have many people viewing your video as well.

What happens if you get so many veiws on youtube?

Generally, the more video views you get on YouTube, the more subscribers you'll have. Also, if you monetize your videos, you'll also end up getting more money as you accrue more and more video views.

How many views does the music video for Call On Me by Eric Prydz have?

The number of views that the music video Call On Me by Eric Prydz depends on which video viewing site you are using. Youtube has a view count of 49,450,455 as of April 14, 2013.