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Yes, the views will be count if the user is not even logged in the YouTube account. Because of this reason only many YouTube videos get so many views but for comment and likes you've to sign in to get the authority to do so.

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Getting more views on youtube is very easy and simple. There are two ways atleast to get more views on youtube video: 1) Post it in your blog: Β Posting a video in your blog is the best way to get more views. I recommend you to post a text before and after the video. This text should be like little information about that video. The second thing you can do is asking your friends to share their views of the video on their facebook profiles or their wall.

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Q: Do youtube views count if the user watcher is not logged in?
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What is the song that got the most views on youtube?

Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on YouTube with 1.51 billion views. However most of the views are mostly bot generated views and not real views. The real view count of Gangnam Style is 1.06 billion views.

How many views does Ryan Higa get on YouTube daily?

Too many to count <3

Does YouTube count every view on a video or only unique views?

YouTube counts every view, even from the same IP address.

What is video Watch Count equals 2514 view Count equals 923 on YouTube mean?

WatchCount is total views for the channel.ViewCount is total views for the video.Note that the API stats lag a smidge behind the live site.

Where can one watch the video 'Bad Boyz' by Shyne?

It is available for free on YouTube. If one is having trouble locating it, use YouTube's filter for view count. It currently has six million views on YouTube.

Which is the most viewed 2Pac video on Youtube?

Tupac Shakur, perhaps best known for his stage name 2Pac, was an American actor and rapper. His most viewed video on YouTube is "California Love," which has currently logged over 38 million views.

What is a channel view on YouTube?

The best way to get traffic and views is to have a video on a topic that's relevant to your niche or your audience and that's already going to attract a lot of people. If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos, it's best to make videos that are interesting and entertaining to a lot of people.

What is the most viewed video on youtube up to date and how many views does it have as of June 10 2011?

The most viewed video on YouTube is Justin Bieber's single "Baby". The view count currently stands at 561,690,972.

What is the record views on Youtube?

Getting views on YouTube is difficult especially when you're a beginner. But you can’t get views for free. There are four ways that you can do that: YouTube Partnership, YouTubers Subscribers, YouTubers Comments, YouTube views from the most popular YouTube page. The first two ways need money to buy views, but you don't know how long it will last and how many views you will get. The third way is about getting attention from other YouTubers to your videos, but before you buy YouTube views, make sure you prepare: good description, good title, good content, and so on. The last way is a bit easier, you just need to write a comment on a video that has many views, then someone will answer your comment, and those will be more views to your video.

How many views does the music video for Call On Me by Eric Prydz have?

The number of views that the music video Call On Me by Eric Prydz depends on which video viewing site you are using. Youtube has a view count of 49,450,455 as of April 14, 2013.

What is the reason for the sudden drop in views on my YouTube channel from 6000 views per day to 200 views per day?

Updates on the YouTube algorithms is one of the factors that causes those type of declines on views.

What is SNSDs biggest hit?

Actually there are two , which is Gee and Oh! gee: about 31 million views in youtube Oh!: about 26 million views in youtube