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welcom my group

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Q: What to write in a group description on Facebook?
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What do you type in the search engine to make it go straight to a group on Facebook?

You may use Facebook Search without logging in listed below, which allows to search direct in Facebook by keywords. So, just write the name of the group and you'll get the link. Good luck.

What do the abbreviations MWc and SQD mean?

are teenagers who write the abbreviation MWc or SQd in their names on facebook, in a gang or group

What do you write in the description on your youtube?

You can write anything you want you can choose not to write a description.

How do you add a group description on roblox?

On your group click group admin then edit the description

What is the meaning of bio in facebook?

The word "bio" on Facebook typically refers to the short section on a user's profile where they can write a brief description about themselves. It is a way for users to provide information about themselves, such as their interests, job, or personal details.

What is the largest Facebook group?

I believe it's the actually group called Facebook. However, I'm not sure. The facebook group has over 8,000,000+ people who have joined it.

Explain open group in Facebook?

In an open group on Facebook, anyone can see the group, who's in it, and what members post.

What does owd stand for on facebook?

One Word Description

How can write wall post Hindi in facebook?

i want to write hindi wall post in facebook

How do you group chat on Facebook?

You can have group chat in Facebook by using Clobby. Visit

What is mindless behaviors Facebook pictures?

they dont have facebook they only have a group facebook

How can you write to Troy Polamalu?

You can write to him on his Facebook page.