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On your group click group admin then edit the description

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Q: How do you add a group description on roblox?
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What is a desc on roblox?

A Description on ROBLOX is something that will describe a place/item/group and it is made by the owner.

What is fearness?

F.E.A.R is a group on Roblox it is an elete squadran of people and please add ironmonger7899

Does your groupe go away after your bc expires roblox?

No,you remain the leader of the group unless you give it away or leave the group add me on roblox im austin2118ace

Roblox how to be super admin for village life?

You can be a super admin if you add admin in your roblox game

How do you get into a group on roblox?

1.go to someones homepage find groups and click the group they are in that you wanna join 2. click it 3. click join or send group request if its number 1 you are in group if its number 2 the high ranks have to let you in! p.s.n add me in roblox i am alafoot5

Who is builderman on roblox?

Builderman is a staff member on ROBLOX. Add me roblox name: TheFurryFox

How do you make groups your enemies in roblox?

If you are the owner of a group or have permission to add allies/enemies first log in and look at the page of the group you wish to enemy. Then, on that page, click the declare enemy button. If you have permission you will add them as an enemy.

Who are the group of exploiters on roblox?

There are actually multiple exploiter groups on Roblox, group names are usually not released because of the fear of being deleted by Roblox

add me on roblox my user is jackson888767?

ok i will add you

How do you re name a roblox group?

no you can't but you can with the desc! :D

How do you get a big group on ROBLOX?

To get a big group on roblox, you must be popular or, invite people and you can invite your friends too.

What are some cool group rank names on ROBLOX if my group name is Cascading Assault Recon?

Roblox Army Department Roblox Building Members for other ROBLOXians Roblox Department or sight