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Nice boyfriend.

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2010-07-01 17:32:56
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Q: What to think if your boyfriend gives you a ring after cheating?
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How do you get a boyfriend in Maple Story?

you both have to agree to it, and then he gives you a ring (you can get it in the nx shop).

What can you give your boyfriend after he gives you a ring that cost 800 dollars?

a watch or neckless

What does it mean when your boyfriend says its a surprise when I said did you buy me a ring?

I think that he wants to be able to surprise you with a ring when you are least expecting it.

What does it mean when you are 25 and move to another city for educational purposes-Planning to go back when I finish- and your boyfriend gives you a promise ring?

A promise ring is an indication of a future serious commitment from your boyfriend. He intends to make you his wife in the future and that ring is to remind you of his promise to you

What does it mean when a boyfriend gives you a ring?

It means that he wants to take it to the next level. You could say that you and him are going steady.

Your boyfriend did not ring you when he said he would?

did he have a good excuse? Sometimes we all have our times where we just cant talk. Give him a chance to explain, and if he is cheating.... DUMP HIM! jk, he wouldn't do that!

Are Ariel lin and joe cheng boyfriend and girlfriend?

i think They are real. But many people say they are not. but i think it is real and They have A COUPLE RING .

Has Matt bomer a girlfriend?

He has a boyfriend - Simon Halls. I think they are married. Matt wears a wedding ring but not sure if they are legally married or if it is a commitment ring.

What does it mean when a guy gives ring to girl who is not yet his girlfriend?

the guy will give it to the girl because the girl give it to her real boyfriend

Should you be worried if your boyfriend gave you a promise ring and said it meant nothing?

i think so, if he thinks that its just a thoughtless present he clearly didn't think about the impact a promise ring would have, unless, its you you assumed it was a promise ring, did he just give it as a presant or call it a promise ring.

My boyfriend has another women and he has been playing both of ushe gave her a ring and still sees me what do you do?

i would dump his sorry butt because he is really just cheating on u and if she gave him a ring then he might just break up with u soon

Who gives the engagement ring to whom?

The man gives the engagement ring to the woman.

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