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An engagement ring! <3

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Q: What kind of ring do you give your boyfriend since he gave you a promise ring?
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Should you be worried if your boyfriend gave you a promise ring and said it meant nothing?

i think so, if he thinks that its just a thoughtless present he clearly didn't think about the impact a promise ring would have, unless, its you you assumed it was a promise ring, did he just give it as a presant or call it a promise ring.

Should I wear the promise ring my boyfriend gave me to school?

yes. The point of the ring is to show that you are not interested in other guys. If you are not ready for such a commitment, give the ring back to him.

What did gave their word mean?

To "give your word" means to promise.

If you and your boyfriend break up do you give back the necklaces he gave you?

No way!

Did girls give rose to her boyfriend or her boyfriend give?

it would be good if the guy gave a girl the rose but if u want somethin different it would be pretty cute if the girl gave the boy a rose

What do you do if your boyfriend gave you a promise ring then cheated on you?

Very easy, leave him. Since this is in teen dating, I'm guessing you are both teenagers. Teenage boys are very often immature and don't know what they want, and if they cheat once, they will probably do it again. That promise ring is just a material thing, which he most likely had no real intention on it being a committed relationship, and there is no guarantee that he wont give one to another girl. You deserve better.

How does Gawain break his promise to the lord of the castle?

He promised to give the lord everything he received, but Gawain did not give him the sash that the lord's wife gave to him.

Did Nick Jonas give Miley Cyrus a promise ring?

I think he did, it was said in some magazine(cant remember which)that nick Jonas reportedly gave miley a promise ring.

What is the gift that you gave to your boyfriend suggest?

A gift you should give your boyfriend is:a) something nice and thoughtfulb) something they would be interested inc) and nothing feminine

what is one promise God gave to joshua?

Be strong and courageous, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land that I swore to their fathers to give them.

Can girls give there boyfriend a promise ring?

no!! because they think it isn't cool to wear rings like us women do... unless it's a wedding ring. actually i think it all depends on that guy you want to give the promise ring too. If u feel comfortable enough to give him one then go for it!!

What did Tsunade give to Naruto?

she gave him a necklace that her boyfriend (maybe fiance`) died wearing. It is shaped like a crystal