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If you are bored and you are really close to that person then just tell them but if you feel that person would be offended by that then simply ask if there is anything else to do or just suggest you do something different. The same goes for a boring talking subject.

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since guys think every 7 seconds of sex(yes, I'm a boy, don't tell me :p ), and probably saying you're bored means that you have nothing to do, thus implying "Lets do something!"

following my (not so logical) reasonment, the best phrase would be= "Kiss me"

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You're not as bored as you are boring!

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Q: What to say when a guy says hes bored?
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If a guy says he is bored over Facebook and you like him, it could be that he is trying to get away from someone, or is truly bored with it. Perhaps one should consider asking to meet face to face instead of always communicating in bytes and bits.

Ok so this guy likes you he says he does but he texts you every 3 hours of the day and always is wanting to hang out with you why What does this say about him?

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