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i would usually dry them out alot by either using hair dryer or putting them on the radiator then get a bong and hit that s*** up :) but TBH leaves ain't all that good i just smoke em coz i don't wanna waste em but if you wanna get high i would stick with the budz xD


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Q: What to do with marijuana leaves?
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What can you use as a substitute for celery leaves?

marijuana leaves?

Are the leaves of marijuana as strong as the buds?

No, the leaves are not as strong as the buds.

Is marijuana a gas?

No, marijuana is not a gas, it is the leaves and flowers of the plant Cannabis Sativa.

How do you indentify a marijuana plant?

a marijuana plant ethier has 7 or 9 leaves

Is there a kind of marijuana that leaves no traces in your system?

no there is not

Plants with leaves in 3 sections?


What happened to marijuana leaves upon the application of the HCL?

There are all sorts of different ways in which to use marijuana leaves. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, marijuana bits ca be.... free of marijuana addiction altogether, and therapy can make that happen

Does marijuana leaves show up in your urine?

yes it does .

What form does marijuana most commonly come in?


Are marijuana plants supposed to have leaves fall off naturally?

To grow a needs leaves.

Can marijuana leaves be clones?

no such thing as a marijuana leaf being clone its impossible! so the answer is nope dumb boy!:)

Will a grasshopper eat marijuana?

Yes. It will eat the shade leaves.