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Rinse with salt water and DILUTED mouth wash (non alcohol is best)

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Q: What to do after getting a tongue piercing for the first time?
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Is it possible to hide your tongue piercing with tongue colord studs when you first get it done?

No the retainers do not provide enough room for the swelling that you will encounter in the first 72 hours post piercing, you need to have a barbell first, then you can go to a retainer in about 2 to 3 weeks time.

Does talking sound okay with a tongue piercing?

For most people it does although at first it takes time as the swelling goes down.

Your tongue piercing keeps bleeding?

Well time to visit your doctor.

Can you get your tongue pierced again if you got it removed the first time or will the scar tissue from the first piercing interfere?

well, with most piercings, pircing right behind the scar tissue will be more painful, but will make the piercing stronger.

What to use to glue a piercing on your tongue?

There is no glue which you should use for a prolonged period of time in your mouth. If you want a tongue piercing; get one, otherwise leave the glue outside your body.

Does piercing your tongue a second time hurt as muchas the first?

It hurts just as much as the first time around and you better be sure you have two long barbells because the swelling will be just as bad if not worse.

Is it safe to get a tongue piercing if you're all the time getting those canker soars in your mouth on your gums?

I dont think that would be the safest thing to do, its a read flag for infection

Which one hurts more getting your tongue pierced or getting a tattoo?

The sensation of piercing varies from place to place, the tongue when pierced doesn't hurt so much as actually more a sensation of pressure. The nipples are again another sensation (keeping in mind we are talking about piercings done by a professional body piercer with skill and experience) completely different from tongue piercing. The sensation of pain is reduced by the client's mind set* (* do you want the piercing or don't you, if you want something it's much easier than when you have reservations about doing it ) and the skill of the piercer.

What hurts more a tongue piercing nose piercing belly piercing or hip piercing?

Tongue piercings do not hurt much. Even a tongue web or double tonuge which seem to have a higher pain level, do not hurt too much. As ar as I 've experienced, an ear piercing hurts more than any other piercing. I am plannig to have a conch piercing and just read at site rightpiercing dot com that it hurts too much if I plan to have an inner and outer conch at the same time. Emily

Is getting a tongue piercing a good idea?

Well getting a tongue piercing should be up to you, it's your body and your decision. You need to ask yourself if it's something you want and if so are you ready to go through the healing time and the swelling and discomfort in order to get it. Oral piercings are serious piercings and should never be taken lightly, there are risks and all these need to be discussed with your professional body piercer before you commit to getting the piercing. Talk to your piercer before you decide, that's what they are there for, ask questions and get answers that make sense to you.

Your speech has been affected by your tongue piercing will it improve over time?

Yes. After the piercing heals your speech will improve and will eventually return to normal.

Is there a way to reduce tongue depression left by a tongue bar and still keep the piercing?

You could get a longer piercing but that could be uncomfortable and is not reccomended. Depending on how long you have had the piercing, if you have had for a long period of time the depression could take a very long time to disappear or could say like that forever if you decide to remove it.