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This varies between women, but somewhere near the mid-point of your cycle. You can learn to recognize the signs of your own impending ovulation, and the Web Link to the left is one of many sites that can teach you how to do this.

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Q: What time of the month am I fertile?
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What is fertile time of women?

During "that time" of the month thats when she is most fertile

When is not fertile days?

if you mean when are the days you cant get pregnant... there are non the best you can do is to do the deed right before that time of the month

Is it possible that a woman could be fertile in one month?

from the time a girl/woman starts her first menstrual she has the ability to become pregnant. but, you are only fertile between 12-24hours. then the ovum will being to break down. your only fertile those hours every25-35 days. that's why people arent pregnant every time they have intercourse.

Lf your cycle is more than 45days what are the safe days and fertile days?

Pretty much all the days are fertile ones but to find out which ones you have, you have to have a doctor monitor you. It can differ from month to month.

Is there any pills can make you fertile for the whole month?

Parlodel or Clomid.

When you are fertile does that reduce the chances of becoming pregnant?

The fertile time is the most likely time to get pregnant.

When you wipe yourself after peeing and you have alittle bit of stringy mucus does this mean your fertile?

The only time of the month when you have that type of discharge is while you're ovulating, so yes.

In which season do most women conceive?

Humans can make babies any time of the year, unlike most mammals. Women are fertile once a month, for about 2 days of the month. So there is no season for human females, all the seasons are the same.

When does a boy become fertile?

He is 100% fertile at the time of birth. Fertility declines with age.

When is a woman most at chance of ovulation?

The time between having a period ...( Two weeks After Or Two weeks Before!!)

Can a women only get pregnant two days out of the month?

No; there are a few days around ovulation when a woman is most fertile, but it is possible to get pregnant on ANY day of the month

What to epect for being off birth control for a month?

Menstruation and you are fertile again, everything back to normal.