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Parlodel or Clomid.

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Q: Is there any pills can make you fertile for the whole month?
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Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

Can levora birth control make a female more fertile?

Birth control pills are for reducing, not increasing, fertility.

Is a woman most fertile after having a baby?

Yes. A woman is fertile pretty much every day of the month. Only 12% of all women ovulate on the same day every month so unless you check every month you don't know when you ovulate. The sperms also live inside for almost a week. A orgasm can also make you ovulate again.

Is there any way you can make your period come sooner or make it last for a shorter amount of time?

Hello The only way to make your period arrive earlier than usual for you is by taking birth control pills and by missing some pills or you can miss a period completely by continuing to take birth control pills instead of going onto the sugar pills. But you can only do this when you've been on birth control pills for about two months because the first month will be all over the place. Birth control pills do make your period lighter, less painful and can make your period shorter.

Are males more fertile if they are a virgin?

No. Being a virgin does not make a male more fertile. Losing his virginity will not make him more fertile either.

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Is there any pills to get you pregnant?

The pills alone will not get you pregnant but you can take fertility pills that will make you more fertile. It will also increase your risk of having a multiple birth such as twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. You should see a doctor first to see which one of you have a problem so you get the right medicine. Dealing with extra hormones etc should always involve a doctors expertize.

Can you change the time your period comes the following month?

You can change the time your period comes the following month if you are on certain types of birth control. For example, finishing a pack of birth control pills early will make your period come earlier the next month.

Do you stop taking your birth control if you get your period?

Take your birth control pills every day that you have a pill in the package. Some pills are designed to be taken for only three weeks out of the month, but most have enough pills to take one every day.NO! Take all of the pills every month, whether you have your period or not. Start the new packet the following day.BCPills only work if taken everyday, missing pills even occasionally will make the effectiveness drop.You may find after taking the pill for some time that your periods become light or stop all together, continue taking the pills as directed.

In which season do most women conceive?

Humans can make babies any time of the year, unlike most mammals. Women are fertile once a month, for about 2 days of the month. So there is no season for human females, all the seasons are the same.

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