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stop means that you actually stop it. Pause means you stop it and start it again.

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Q: What the difference between pause and stop?
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What is difference between pause recording and stop recording?

when we say pause recording then we can resume it and can take another seen but by stop we just save that and exit

What is the difference between pause recording and stop recording option in macros submenu in windows word 2010?

no difference,..

How do you make the check engine light blink to get codes on a 95 jeep grand Cherokee?

on-off, on-off, on-off, on. Remember there is a difference between a stop-point{change of code} and a pause{...=3 pause ..=2 STOP =32}. Then STOP and {.=1 pause .....=5 STOP =15} Hopes this helps

Is there a difference between idle and stop?

Idle means to have stopped for the moment - bit like pause - it could start again any moment where as stop is where something has stopped for good. Won't start again. I hope this helps

When was Play Pause Stop created?

Play Pause Stop was created on 2006-07-11.

What is the difference between a hyphen and a dash?

a hyphen connects two words, a dash gives a pause between two words....

What does pause mean in drama terms?

Pause means to pause so to stop for some seconds or minutes.

How do you pause a recording in HTC wildfire?

use the pause button or the stop button, you can resume it later if you have pressed pause

What is difference between Stop watch and stop clock?

the name

What is the homophone for stop?

There aren't any! Gees some people are stupid

How do you pause fraps?

You cannot pause Fraps. The closest thing to it you can do is stop recording, then start a new session to 'un-pause' the recording.

What is homophones for dog's feet and to stop?

This would be "paws" (dog's feet) and "pause" (stop, halt, freeze).