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a hyphen connects two words, a dash gives a pause between two words....

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Q: What is the difference between a hyphen and a dash?
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What is the difference between the purpose of a dash and a hyphen?

A dash is used to connect two phrases; a hyphen is used to connect two words. Here are some examples. I use a hyphen for the compound word anti-matter. I use a dash to create a break in the flow of my sentence -- if you know what I mean.

What do you call the dash between compound words?

"-" = hyphen

What does the hyphen mean between 6-10AM?

A hyphen [or is it an 'n' dash?] is often employed to replace the words 'to' or 'and.'

What is dash or line called between numbers letters or names?


Does city wide need a dash between the two words?

No it doesn't require a hyphen.

Difference between CD-r and CD r?

The only difference is the hyphen.

Does reload have a hyphen or a dash?

Reload has neither a hyphen or a dash as for as I know. It is one intact word. If one were to believer it should be written re-load that would be a hyphen

What is longer a hyphen or a dash?

A dash is longer. A hyphen is used to connect two words, to bring them close together. A dash is used to separate them, to push them apart.

How do you type in a dash in your computer?

Check your keyboard it's between the number zero and the plus symbol at the top right of the regular 105+ US keyboard. This is a hyphen and not a dash. If you use the hyphen key, you must use it twice to make a dash, but this still is not a dash as there is a space between the two hyphens. There are two types of dashes. The en dash and the em dash. The en dash is bigger than a hyphen, but smaller than a em dash. The em dash is what most would want to use. The way to type is as follows: en dash - hold down the "alt" key and type 0150. em dash - hold down the "alt" key and type 0151 - Note the dash used in each of the instructions. The first is an en dash, and the second is an em dash. The character beneath them is a hyphen.

What is a '-'?

The - symbol can either be called a hyphen or a dash.

What is this symbol called when it is not a hyphen?

It is called a dash.

What is an em dash?

"Em dash" is a printing/typesetting term, and it refers to a dash the width of the capital letter "M". The shorter dash is similarly referred to as an "en dash." There is also the hyphen, which is usually smaller than the en dash. With some modern day fonts, there wouldn't be much difference between the en dash and hyphen.Em dash can be represented numerically using —in HTML, or '\u2014' in Java.En dash can be represented numerically using –in HTML, or '\u2013' in Java.