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OO buck

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2010-10-24 07:27:05
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Q: What size shot do police use in their shotguns in the US?
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Can you use lead shot for shotguns to melt and pour fishing jigs?

Yes you can use this lead for casting fishing weight.

What kind of shot gun does the hobo with a shot gun use?

He used a Remington 870 Police Magnum.

What weapons do police officers use?

police have been known to use tazers, hand guns, and shotguns The most common are 9mm pistols, knight sticks and tazers. I believe the Glock 9 is the most common firearm used by police.

Can you use steel shot in Browning superposed Belgian steel shotguns manufactured 1947--1959?

You can, but, you will cause a barrel bulge after a while.

What size shell does a XLCR Iver Johnson 12 gauge shot gun use?

If you are refering to the Iver Johnson model excel shotgun,which was made from 1910-1935;then these shotguns were chambered in 2 3/4 inch shells.

What is a police gun that doesn't use bullets?

a tazer or a gun with a no leathl shot

What size ammo does a remmington use?

Remington makes a variety of rifles and shotguns using various sizes of ammunition.

What breed of horse do police use?

police use all different breeds of horse. they do not use ponies because of their size but all other breeds with correct training can be police horses.

What size shells does a Mossberg 80 shot gun use?


Can you kill a deer using buck shot?

As the name "buck" shot implies, it is intended for use on large animals, such as deer. In much of the Southern US, only shotguns are used for deer hunting, and are loaded with buckshot.

What is the use of directors viewfinder?

The use of director's viewfinder is for framing a shot. The correct film size, focal length and aspect ratio are used for the shot.

Do assassins use shotguns?

Probably not. Shotguns are inaccurate at any distance further than pretty much pointblank, for the purposes of killing another person. An assassin would either get close enough to plant an explosive, or just shot them with a pistol (which is easier to hide, more accurate at distance, and easier to use).

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