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Unless you are in a life or death/survival situation, NEVER SHOOT AMMUNITION THAT IS NOT DESIGNED FOR YOUR WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: What size rounds can a 38 special shoot?
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What if your owners manual says shoot only 38 plus p rounds out of your s and w mod 642 it doesnt mention 38 special is 38 special ok?

you can shoot standard 38 special rounds out of a firearm marked for 38 special +p

Will the s and w 357 model 66-1 shoot 38 caliber rounds?

38 Special; yes.

Does the colt detective special 38 special shoot a 38Sp?

it does shoot the 38 spl cartridge.............

Can you shoot 30 caliber rounds from a 38 revolver?

No, you cannot.

Can you shoot 9mm rounds from a 38 caliber revolver?

No, you cannot.

What 38 rounds fit the rossi 38 special?

Your Rossi revolver fires the .38 special cartridge.

Can 38 special rounds be fired in a 380?


Can a 38 special use 38 rounds?

The .38 Special can fire .38 Special, or .38 Long Colt. It cannot fire the .38 S&W, which is fatter and shorter.

Can a 38 special shoot a 38 short?

A .38 Special can shoot the cartridge marked "38 Short Colt". It CANNOT shoot what many people CALL a .38 Short- which is the .38 S&W. The .38 S&W in not only shorter than the Special, it is fatter. The 2 do not interchange.

Can a rossi 38 special pistol shoot 357 ammo?

No. 38 Special only.

Can a revovler that takes a 38 special cartridge also shoot a 357 magnum cartridge?

NO,NO,NO,NO, CANNOT shoot the 357 cartridge in a 38 special, but you can shoot a 38 special cartridge in a 357 pistol.................the 38 cal. cylinder was not made to house the 357 cartridge or take the pressure.............

Will the model 28 fire 38 special rounds?