What size round for AK47?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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7.62 caliber

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Q: What size round for AK47?
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What is the ar15that accepts ak47 magazines?

I don't think they make .223 round ak47 magazines or ak47 round ar15's I've never even heard of a ak47 clip that fits an ar15

Is there any difference between AK47 and AK74 recevier?

yes the ak74 fires a 5.56x45 round the ak47 fires a 7.62x39 round

How many bullets in a AK47?

It has a thirty round magizine or a 100 round drum

What is the bullet size of the ak47?


How many rounds are in a ak47?

Its going to depend on the capacity of the magazine that you are using which range from 5 round to big 75 +? round drums

Are ak47 bullets the same size as sks bullets?

they are exactly the same

What is the clip size of an ak47?

magazines available in 20, 30 & 40 rounds

Can 308 ammo fit ak47?

From what i no about ak47's, no. You can get an ak that will shot a .223 round though. <><><><><><><> The AK47 is caliber 7.62x39. The .308 is a much longer (about a half inch longer), more powerful cartridge, with a heavier bullet, and is too long to cycle through the AK action.

Will a AK47 fire a M16 round?

no AK-47 is chambered for 7.62x39mm..... just AK-101 and AK-102 can fire with M-16 round (5.56x45mm)

What would happen if you put a 5.56 round in an ak47?

Most likely not much the 5.56 round's case is 45mm long and the AK-47 round is 39mm long, so the bolt won't close on the 5.56 round.

How much ammo does a ak47 have?

AK 47 magazines can be found in capacities ranging from one single round, to 100 round drum magazines. The "banana" magazines commonly used for military applications are 30 round magazines.

What is sloth predator?

a big pink sloth that carries round an ak47 all day while singing to westlife's greatest hits....