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You may find them staring at you when they around their friends. They find excuses to talk or touch you. Alot of guys dont know how to act around girls so they will make fun of you, but just to see you laugh.

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Q: What signs do shy guys give that they have a crush on you?
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What are some things girls wish shy guys knew if the girls have a crush on the guys and the guys have a crush on the girls too?

If the dude is too shy the girl might try initiating a conversation with the guy and when the guy is comfortable enough he will ask her out. I was like that when I was young. Keep in mind that several things may influence why he is shy, such as home life.

How do shy girls act when they are away from their crush?

I'm only shy around people I don't know, or attractive guys. (my crush) They act normally, shy people do talk, maybe it's at home, or with a really good friend.

How shy guys acts in front of his lover?

i liked a girl. i told her i had a crush on her now she dosent like me. and i was shy so dont tell them and boys usally are shy. LIKE ME

How do shy guys react when they receive a gift from there crush?

if your crush likes you but hes to shy ,he'll be happy to know that you like him back and maybe it'll work out between you guys. he know that you like him now by sending him a gift . that way he doesnt have to go on not knowing because hes too shy t ask . and just go up to him and talk to him !

Signs of crush?

I think signs of a teen crush are pretty obvious....If it is a crush...then you would probably be shy and maybe red faced around the person... u care what that person thinks of you, and if you even question if you have a crush on someone, then you probably do. You definatly know when you dont have a crush on someone, so if you question it....u probably do have a crush on that person

What are the signs that your shy crush is getting more comfortable around you?

Well he/she would be talking to you,smiling at you and maybe showing some interest in you.

How do you know if a really shy boy had a crush on you and he just stares at you most of the time but doesn't have the other signs of having a crush on you?

Just walk by him and see if he watches you get to point A to point B.

What do I do when I have a crush on a shy guy?

get to know him then he won't be shy

Do girls give up on shy guys?

i guess. no, no, no i reckon you make them

How do you know if a shy guy has a huge crush on you?

if he is still shy to me

How do you get to know your shy crush?

Talk to him/her and he/she may get less shy around you