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ofcourse he does hes just shy to show it

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Q: Does he like you if he doesn't smile when he stares?
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What do you do when a guy likes you and you like him and he stares at you?

U smile and try to talk to him. or take of ur shirt

If a boy is laughing and then he stops and stares at you and then smile does he like you?

I don't know if he likes you but he was probobly flirting with you:)

What if a boy says he doesn't like but stares at you and likes other girl when he stares you smile at him and he smiles back?

He's lying... he likes you and is afraid... Or he's a stalker lol

What does it mean when you text the guy you have been having constant stares with in the eyes in class and he doesnt reply but the next day he keeps staring into your eyes and has a little smile?

he is playing hard to get and he seen you made the first move now just smile when he looks at you and stare back and wait for him to make the next move. and if he doesnt he is a player and doesnt deserve you

What if a girl looks at you a lot but doesnt smile?

she like you and if you like her back ask her out

I like this kid in my class. He said he doesnt like me but he stares at me. Could he possibly like me?

If he says he doesn't like you then you may as well believe that

How do you react when girl stares?

Just Give Them A Friendly Smile :)

How do you ask a girl that dont like yo?

ask them out and the only way you know that a girl doesnt like you is she doesnt smile at you or say hello

If a girl bump you at school do they like you if they look back?

if they smile at you, yes but if she doesnt NO

If a boy is talking to someone and he stares into your eyes and smile at you what does that mean?

he is liking you

If the guy you like stares at you more than normal and once in awhile talks to you but otherwise doesnt really acknowledge you what exactly is happening?

Very likely he is shy and hoping for encouragement from you. Smile and keep him talking as long as possible, whenever you can until he becomes more confident.

You like a guy and he stares at you and sometimes passes you smile what does it mean?

If he smiles at you it means that he's a friendly person, He might know you like him (probably) so he passes you a smile, He might be developing a crush on you because your pretty, You should smile back or start a conversation. If he doesn't smile back then he sorta isn't interested.