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The Right Side Of Your Lip !!

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Q: What side do you get pierced if you are not lesbian?
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Does getting your lip pierced on the right side mean your lesbian?

That is urban legend, you are looking too far for meanings that just are not there.

What does it mean to have your lip pierced?

You are an African Lesbian.

What side of the lip is the lesbian side?

That is just a myth. There is no gay, straight or lesbian side.

Eyebrow side for lesbian?

No such piercing for a lesbian.

What does a nose piercing in the left nostril mean?

For some stupid reason if you have anything pierced on your left side it means your either a lesbian or for guys it means your gay see i was made fun of for about a week after i got the top of my left ear pierced but after that all of my friends got the top of their left ear pierced to take up for me so it became fashionable in my school to get your left anything pierced.

What side was dougie poynters lip pierced?

Dougie Had his Lip Pierced on his Left Hand side.

Which ear should you get your tragus pierced?

It depends on which side you prefer. It doesn't matter which side you get pierced.

Is there a gay side for lip pierced?

there is no gay side

What does it mean if you get your left cartilage pierced and you are a female?

Lots of people would say that if you have your left cartilage pierced, that you are a lesbian. However, there are no "rules" for piercings for girls as there are for guys; to answer your question directly: it has no meaning.

What side does Jordan Witzigreuter nose pierced on?

Actually, he has his nose pierced on the BOTH sides!

What side is Vic Fuentes nose pierced?

Right side.

Which ear should a girl get her cartilage pierced in?

Right if your a lesbian, left if your straight. On the contrary. It doesn't matter which side you get your cartilage pierced on. In today's society the left is right right is wrong saying is only used for guys, it holds no meaning to women. Go with whatever feels the most comfortable! so...IT DOESN'T MATTER! :)