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Ask her friend what she likes that is affordable.

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Happy birthday

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Q: What should you tell your girlfriend on her birthday?
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What should you i get my girlfriend on her 15th birthday?

A poo

What should you tell your girlfriend for her birthday?

You should obviously tell her "Happy Birthday" and that you love her, but you have to do it in an interesting way that actually means something! Creating something like a Love Book would be ace - it lets you create and print a book of all the reasons you love her. Check Out LoveBookOnline - they do a great job of this.

What should Lomography camera should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?

A special one

Should you tell the cheaters girlfriend?

tell her what thing.

What message should you send to your girlfriend on her birthday?

I love your birthday almost as much as I love you. Happy birthday!

Should you say happy birthday to an ex girlfriend if she's married?

Sure, why not? Some girls tend to get insulted at the drop of a hat and someone forgetting your birthday is really quite rude! She won't be happy unless you tell her happy birthday.

What if your parents come to know about your girlfriend?

She is you r girlfriend you should be proud that she is and tell them

Should you tell the girlfriend of a man that he cheated on her with you and lied about her existence as you did not know he had a girlfriend and feel used?

Yes! You should tell her, you should also tell him how that made you feel. Think about it, you'd want to be told!!!!

What should you do if you fell in love with your girlfriend companion who is your friend?

tell her

Should you wish an ex girlfriend happy birthday who is married?

No beacuse then she wont wish you a happy birthday.......

Why would your girlfriend tell you to lick the insides of her sweaty flats?

My girlfriend would not tell me to do that. If yours would, then perhaps you should ask her why. Or perhaps you should reconsider how much you really want her as a girlfriend.

What should you give your girlfriend for her birthday?

Anything like jewerly, flowers, chocolates, cards, and stuff like that. Trust me, my girlfriend just had her birthday andthis worked out great.