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She is you r girlfriend you should be proud that she is and tell them

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Q: What if your parents come to know about your girlfriend?
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How do you hide a girlfriend from your parents?

you can hide her by letting her know now is not the time

How do you know if your girlfriends parents like you?

Ask the girlfriend. Conversation is key

How do you get a girlfriend if your parents don't let you?

Look, You're parents don't need to know. They can't control it. Just get a girlfriend... When you go out with her, get a friend to cover for you.... It's easy, if your careful.

You are a female 21 years of age and your girlfriend is 17 is it ok to date her both parents know about it?

If both of your parents agree with it and know should be ok. But always check

How should your girlfriend come out to her homophobic parents?

You should just come out to them. Dont be nervouse because whats the worst they can do. Its your choice and they cant change it

How do you know if your girlfriend really loves you?

Answerask her what if her mom reads her texts and its a private relation ship from our parents

What should you do if your parents dont approve of my girlfriend She is 16 and Im 15?

f*&k her really hard My parents are dead, would have been very unlikely to care about your girlfriend, since they didn't know you, and I feel compelled to do absolutely nothing about my parent's suspected disaproval or your girlfriend.

Is it possible for Mysterious Girlfriend X to become an anime?

Mysterious Girlfriend X has been confirmed to be an anime but I don't know when it will come out.

How do you tell your parents that you have a girlfriend?

say "i have a girlfriend" quick &easy

What do you do if your girlfriend's parents are mad at you?

# #

What if you dont want to introduce your girlfriend to their parents even if your parents are nice and your girlfriend doesnt care?

Umm then just Do it!

I live in US and have known my Filipino girlfriend for a long time but her parents don't know me Is it tradition for a man to ask a Filipino's parents' permission first before proposing to her?

Filipino families are often very close as families and although not totally necessary it would be very respectful of you to either go visit her parents so they can get to know you and accept you into their family; letting them know their daughter is marrying a good man or, you could invite her parents to come visit paying the full cost. Although your girlfriend is more Westernized it is most respectful for you to be accepted by her family and because you asked the question in the first place I am sure they will accept you into their family with open arms.