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Slap your tongue across your partners face. This creates a romantic atmosphere for the both of you. :)

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To get your first kiss, focus on building a strong connection with the person you're interested in through meaningful conversation and spending quality time together. When the moment feels right, lean in slowly and confidently, making sure to respect their boundaries and be attentive to their body language. Communication and consent are key - always make sure the other person is comfortable and interested in kissing you too.

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Be flirty

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Q: What should you do to get your first kiss?
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Should you kiss him or should he kiss you?

Whoever wants to do it first, should do it. Doesn't really matter who does it first.

When you have your first kiss should your boyfriend kiss you or do you kiss him?

It is sought of up to you. when i got my first kiss i made the first move...

What if your first kiss should it be French kiss or a regular kiss?

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend choose what your first kiss is going to be.

Should your first kiss be french kiss or regular kiss?

Just kiss him There is no tension

What should you do on your first kiss?

uuummm, wow...kiss them duuuh!

Should your first kiss be at 12?

Yes if you really want to you can i know that's when i got my first kiss so if you want to kiss kiss

How do you kiss on your first kiss?

For your first kiss, I would say it should probably be a close-mouthed kiss, otherwise known as a peck on the lips.

When should a guy have his first kiss?

I say you should have your first real kiss (not like elementary) when he's sometime in his teens.

Should you be gentle on your first kiss?

you should defiantly be gentle on your first kiss, no one wants to have a first kiss hard and rough. trust me don't make a fool of yourself. sincerely SH0rTY

What should a first kiss be like?

It should be magical.

What is the best kiss for a first kiss?

closed mouth, guy should start it

When should someone have first kiss?

13 but if no one will kiss you call me on 0447273684