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It is sought of up to you. when i got my first kiss i made the first move...

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Q: When you have your first kiss should your boyfriend kiss you or do you kiss him?
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What if your first kiss should it be French kiss or a regular kiss?

You and your boyfriend/girlfriend choose what your first kiss is going to be.

When do you kiss your boyfriend?

There Should Be No Type Of Set Date To Your First Kiss With Your Boyfriend, But When The Time Is Right It Will Happen, Don't Rush it !!

When you and your boyfriend have ant had your first kiss should he kiss you on the lips or cheeck?

lips. definately

When should you give your boyfriend your first kiss you are 12?


What if your boyfriend has dated before but you haven't and want to kiss him?

You should just tell him to kiss you! That or just kiss him first.

Where should you kiss your boyfriend?

u should kiss ur boyfriend at the movie cuz it's dark there and he might kiss u back but first you should hold hands and then lay ur head on his shoulder and work ur way up

When I get a boyfriend he says kiss me how should I kiss?


How do you tell your boyfriend that you want him to kiss you?

kiss him first

Should your boyfriend plan your first kiss?

It doesn't matter if he does or not, but i think if he does it's sweet.

How do you get your first kiss if you don't have a boyfriend?

You don't. Wait, waiting has its pros in the end. Your first kiss should be special, not "just because my friends are doing it".

Should you be able to kiss your boyfriend?

Yes you should and can kiss your boyfriend thats one of the things couples always do. Odd are he wants to kiss you to so just kiss him already

Should you kiss on your first date with your boyfriend?

Yes he is your boyfriend you like him he likes you what's wrong with him kissing you on the first date!!! I kissed my boyfriend before we even wet on a date so yea If you want to then kiss if you don't want to then that should be okay too. It is up to you to decide this issue.