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If you think you are in love with another person then you should break up with your girlfriend, because that's not fair to her or you.

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Q: What should you do if you have a girlfriend but there is someone else you can't stop thinking about?
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What do you do when a guy says he cant stop thinking about your girlfriend?

Maybe spend less time with that guy and more with your girlfriend.

If you recently cant stop thinking about a person does that mean he is thinking of you?

no it just means that your in love with someone and you cant get them off your mind

How do you get over someone you cant stop thinking bout?

try and have some fun!

What can you do if you fall in love with someone you cant love?

You can try not thinking about them. Get outside and let go:)

What does it mean when you dream about someone your attracted to?

It means you're attracted to him/her and cant stop thinking about him/her!

What does it mean when you cant stop thinking about someone?

It means that it is enjoyable for you to think about them, that's why you take the time to do it.

How do you get Justen beber number?

acually u cant unless u kno someone that is in his family or is his girlfriend

If he's doesn't have a girlfriend who is that girl in his car?

Just because he doesnt have a girlfriend that doesn't mean he cant have random friends. The Girl in his car is probably someone he is interested in. He could be dating around until he finds someone he wants to be his girlfriend.

How do you get a girlfriend if you are not very attractive?

Just act your self and be you you are you and if she cant see that u should not be with her.

How can you know that you like someone?

if you cant stop thinking about them and love spending time with them then you most likely like them

What happens when you dream about someone you like but is dating your friend?

then do your best to stop thinking about and if you cant then keep it to yourself

You have feelings for this one girl you cant stop thinking about her even when im taken you still like her what should you do?

Hmmm ... Do you like this girl more than your girlfriend? Because if you do I think you should talk to your girlfriend about it. If she really loves you, she'll understand, and possibly let you go. If you like your girlfriend more, then its best just to stick w[ith her and keep assuring yourself that you love her, and not the other girl. This should really help!

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