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AnswerFrom studies and understandings of the philosophy surrounding sperm cell anatomy and physiology, female's reproductive system, the anatomy and physiology of the cervix, I want to say that the best way to ease fertilization or even cause fertilization by some reluctant and weak sperm cells is to assist them move towards their target (the egg) right in the uterus. By advising your female partner to tilt her lower part to an angle close to 50-70o (i.e, buttocks and legs up), you increase this chance. Being in this position for about 30 minutes under the support of the male partner can be a good attempt. In this position the sperm cells will move faster than normal hence certainly reaching their target within 72 hours. As a scientist, my next target is even to modify this principle by causing sperm cells to cross the cervix faster than we can ever think. Thanks

Do not use lubricants, as they are not "sperm-friendly". Also, prop your rear end on a pillow immediately after intercourse and lay there as still as possible for 20 minutes.

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Q: What should you do after intercourse to increase your chances of getting pregnant?
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