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Slave labor was an important part of the economy of the American South prior to the Civil War; this practice allowed slave owners to control and farm vast amounts of land that otherwise would not have been financially possible. As a result, landowners in the South were able to acquire wealth that non-landowners and smaller farmers were not able to access.

There was relatively little regulation of slavery outside of laws regarding the treatment of escaped or rebellious slaves. In general, these laws treated the slaves as property to be returned to their owners if caught or punished severely if found to be fomenting problems.

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Q: What role did slavery play in the southern plantation economy how was it regulated?
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Why did southern slave owners fear northern attitudes towards slavery?

The loss of slavery would threaten the Southern economy.

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They worked the enslaved Africans harder on the fields. The southern economy came to depend on slavery.

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Southern plantation owners and southern people in general.

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the northern economy ended slavery.the southern economy continued slavery

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Southern plantation owners feared the Missouri Compromise would limit the expansion of slavery, and eventually the institution of slavery itself.

What two factors allowed southern plantation to be so productive?

Slavery. Cotton Gin. Climate.

Why was the south so upset by Lincoln's election?

They were upset because he was against slavery which was the south's mean of economy. They relayed on slavery to work on the plantation.

Who supported slavery and why?

Slavery in the southern states was supported by plantation owners who made their money off of crops. They believed that slaves were necessary to keep the southern economy going, so slaveholders were not willing to let their slaves go.

Slavery in the colonies?

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