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According to an article on it's 40%.

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Q: What percentage of men have one ear pierced?
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Which ear is the correct ear for women to get pierced?

Whichever one you want pierced :)

What ear does boys get pierced?

Whichever one they want pierced. Don't listen to that crap about the "gay ear".

Who has there ear pierced out of one direction?

Zayn Malik has both his left and right ear pierced, but none of the others do. :)

What does it mean If a girl has only the left ear pierced?

It Means She Only Had Her Left Ear Pierced Because She Was A Wimp And Was Too Scared To Get The Right One. =] *********** Actually that might not be true. I am thinking of only getting one ear pierced and it's not cause i'm a wimp

Does paige hyland have her ears pierced?

Yes, she has one ear piercing and one in the very top of her ear.

Why does Harrison Ford only have one ear pierced?

Got drunk with a couple of his buddies. A man should only pierce one ear...the left. Some have made the mistake of piercing he right ear, which is usually only done by gay men. To counter the mistake of piercing the wrong ear, many men have then gone on to pierce the other ear, so as not to appear gay.

How can non pierced earrings attach to ones ear?

One can use cuff earrings if they are non-pierced. They are circular shaped earrings with a slit in the earring allowing it to fit onto your ear giving the appearance of being pierced.

Why do men only have one earring?

Firstly males can get their ears pierced on what ever ear they want too. But stupidly people say it is the gay ear, but i think you should get it pierced on what ever ear you want too. no. for guys getting their ears peirced, if you peirce your left ear, it means you're straight. if you peirce your right ear, it means you're gay. if you peirce both your ears, it means you're bi. so go with the left ear to peirce

What does it mean to have your top right ear pierced?

You're having your cartilage pierced... Some boys in my grade are teasing me about getting only one ear pierced at the top and i just dont know what to do or say to them. Ive got my lobe pierced on both ears though. Please tell me what theyre laughing at? Those guys are jerks.. I know TONS of girls who only get one ear pierced at the top. Honestly, i think it looks stupid if you get two. thanks for your answer i sort of lost a bit of confidence but then i relised screw them.

How much does it cost to get your ears pierced at the piercing pagoda?

$15 for one ear and $30 for both :)

When piercing one ear which one should you choose?

There is no strict rule, but from experience, I say the ear on the side of your head you don't sleep on, as rubbing a newly pierced ear on a pillow ect. will make it sore :)

Should a guy get both ears pierced?

yes, typically it would be nicer to see a guy have both ears pierced. it looks a bit off balance when one is pierced. and remember this if you plan on getting one ear pierced - the left one is for straight guys, and right one is for gay guys. (its a silent rule)